A holistic health program designed to help you overcome binge eating, stop emotional eating, and finally make nutrition decisions that support your optimal health (instead of listening to diet culture!).

F*ck Your Diet 3-Month Coaching Program

the intuitive eating coaching program you've been looking for!

What if you could learn to recognize your body’s needs before the insatiable sugar cravings hit?

That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you how to do in this 3 month coaching program.

What if you had the tools to overcome binge eating / stop emotional eating in a way that elicited self-respect and trust?

What if you could learn how to untie your self-worth to your body size and build healthy habits that stick?

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"Ellen’s anti-diet and holistic approach to health gave me the space I needed to heal my relationship with food. 


Overall I was most impressed by her thorough responses, active listening skills, and authenticity that she brings to her practice. My current relationship with food is a reality I never thought could be attainable until I started working with Ellen. Her gentle guidance will carry you through the ups and downs that come with forming new habits and lifestyle changes. If you are ready to take the leap, I can assure that you’ll be in good hands. As apprehensive as it can be to work with a nutritionist or any health professional, I am grateful to have trusted Ellen to guide me to better health."

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Imagine a life where you:

Have trust in yourself that you can have “junk food” in the house without it triggering a binge.

You understand how to “eat healthy” for you - and it doesn’t trigger the diet mentality.

You no longer feel obsessed with sugar and can eat a satisfying amount and move on.

Real FYD member wins!

In this program, we’ll look at health from a holistic lens. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:


Create balanced meals and snacks using nutrition science (instead of diet culture!)

Honor your hunger/fullness cues

Understand what your body needs before cravings hit

Stop feeling out of control around food

Stop thinking about food 24/7

Stop feeling like your self-worth is tied to your body size

Stop using food as your only coping skill

Stop mindlessly eating when you feel bored or stressed

Remove the guilt and shame around eating



You began dieting at a young age and never learned how to have a healthy or sustainable way to think about food or your body.

When you feel stressed or bored, you usually turn to food.

You often feel out of control or addicted to high-sugar or high-carb foods.

This Coaching Program Is For You If…

You don’t know how to eat healthy without it triggering the dieting mentality.

Having “junk food” in the house triggers a binge.

You’re ready to learn how to use Intuitive Eating and mindful eating to create healthy habits that actually stick.

An in-depth onboarding week with Ellen to set you up for success and define your unique goals with Intuitive Eating

When you Join the F*ck Your Diet Coaching Program, You Get Access To:

what's included

Take a Peak at the F*ck Your Diet Coaching Program Material

12 weeks of weekly F*ck Your Diet course material (lifetime access)

Private Slack workspace access with Ellen for 3 months

2 monthly check-ins for 1:1 feedback, support, and accountability

Vault full of bonus videos covering a wide variety of topics

Monthly food journal review

Learn how and why dieting doesn’t work, how labeling foods can impact our relationship with food, and why we get cravings and how to respond to them.

Dig into WHY this work is important to you and how it can impact your life moving forward. Learn how to build trust with your body and stay consistent with new behaviors that might feel hard.

Introduction to Gentle Nutrition and eating intuitively. Learn how to put together meals and snacks that honor your body’s physical and emotional needs. Learn about the macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs) in a non-diet way. 

Overview of disordered eating patterns such as chronic dieting, binge eating, restriction, and more. You’ll learn how to move forward with these and how to approach open-eating environments like parties or holidays as an intuitive eater!

Learn how to use mindfulness as a way to strengthen your relationship with food. Introduction to mindful eating using a breathing technique. 

Strengthening, honoring, and responding to your body’s natural cues. How to listen to hunger and fullness cues - whether those cues feel strong already or you aren’t able to feel them very much at all.

Learn how to make peace with foods that may have been on your “if I let this in my house, I won’t be able to stop eating it” list.

Learn how your menstrual cycle + hormones impact eating behavior and body image.

Learn how to work toward body positivity and, most importantly, how to respect your body.

Introduction to intuitive movement and how to make exercise and movement a joyful and consistent part of your life. Learn how to cultivate a supportive environment that will lift you up and help you continue in your healing journey

Learn how to put everything you’ve learned so far into sustainable routines that will last far beyond the end of this program! Learn the secret to creating a bomb morning routine :) 

Final reflections and send-off!

“Prior to your course, my relationship with food was always mind-led and super controlled versus what my body actually needed. 


I also had periods of binging and overeating because I would skip meals and wasn't truly eating to nourish and fuel (and wasn't eating enough and often enough to begin with!!). Everything is so consistent and stable now, and I feel so proud of this growth in my relationship with my body. It is an absolute non-negotiable that I'm consistently eating in a way to nourish. The trust, respect, honoring, and listening is at a depth that I've never experienced throughout my whole life. This has been life-changing, and I just want to let you know how grateful I am for you, this opportunity, and this program!!”

kind words

Program Level Options

An in-depth onboarding week with Ellen to set you up for success and define your unique goals with Intuitive Eating

12 weeks of weekly FYD course material

Private Slack workspace access for 3 months

2 monthly check-ins for 1:1 feedback, support, and accountability

Monthly food journal review

Bonus video vault

Level 1

Everything in Level 1

Everything in Level 1

level 2

level 3

Unlimited Slack
messaging access

Monthly 1:1 Zoom calls
(3 calls total)

Unlimited Slack
messaging access

2 monthly 1:1 Zoom calls
(6 calls total)



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There was a point in my life when I was afraid to eat sugar or processed foods, would avoid “bad” foods like gluten or fatty foods, and then would spend the evening bingeing on red wine and chocolate.

I was doing all the “right” things according to diet culture, but I felt miserable and was constantly blaming myself for having a “lack of discipline.”

After years of studying nutrition, I finally came to the conclusion that I nor my body was the problem. It was the societal view of health that both you and I grew up in. 

That’s why I now specialize in intuitive eating, body image support, helping my clients to repair their relationship with food, and quit dieting forever. 

You deserve to feel confident that you’re doing what’s best for your unique body without getting confused by every new health trend.

I built the F*ck Your Diet Coaching Program from the ground up to help you learn how to move through the process of letting go of dieting and becoming an Intuitive Eater with the support, education, and community I wish I had had years ago.

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