Check out what happens when you heal your relationship with food and become an intuitive eater.


And hope was about all I had, I believed the negative associations I had with my body and food were immovable and deserved. However, slowly but surely though Ellen's teaching, gentle pushing, and empowerment, I am a kinder person to myself and my body. I take care of it my body and nurture it with food, movement, and kind words.

What surprised me most about FYD was my ability to set goals for myself surrounding my 'why'. Prior to my work with Ellen, goals for myself had always revolved around saving, career, and other tangible items outside of me. With Ellen and FYD, I learned how to set small goals that were completely and utterly for me and my well-being and happiness. It feels so great!

I went into FYD hoping to have a better relationship with food and my body.


She takes a practical & holistic approach to nutrition and on top of being insightful, is very validating in her ability to listen to the individual's story. This experience was well worth it to know what I can add to my own life to improve its quality, refine how I look at what "healthy" means to me, and validate good habits."

"It has been such a treat working with Ellen. 


When it was recommended by my primary care doctor, I reached out hesitantly to a few of the nutritionists they recommended. After about two minutes of chatting with Ellen, I knew that she was going to be someone I can trust, talk to, and learn from. Working with Ellen has been a joy and I honestly cannot wait to see how continuing to meet with her changes my life."

"Nutrition is and has been a point of struggle in my day-to-day life.

kind words


one-on-one sessions, group calls to meet with others struggling with similar things, check-ins, and lots of great weekly information. Everything you need is provided, and Ellen always gives amazing feedback and support. This is the first time in almost a decade-long battle with an eating disorder that I've gained weight and been okay enough with it to not immediately want to jump on the diet train again. Ellen's compassionate, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable approach helped me gain more awareness of my body, what it needs, and how to treat it with the respect it's always needed from me.

After eight years of making slow progress on recovering from an eating disorder with various dietitians and programs, I joined FYD because it had everything I could need to support me on my journey

ditch diet culture


 People were talking about eating 1000 calories a day and she was encouraging it. Working with you, all the restrictions went away and I experienced food freedom as well as a supportive group where we were all trying our best to measure health in ways that didn’t have to do with weight. It was amazing to have that weight off my shoulders. After FYD, I get so much more sleep, I eat so much better for my body and listen to its needs. I no longer feel the need to not keep certain foods in the house because I know there’s a place for all of them in my life. My digestive issues have gone away completely, and I just feel so much happier and less anxious than I did before. Your program was literally life changing, and it was all because of your support. I can see your passion and how much you genuinely care for your clients, as well as how much work you put into it and I appreciate it and you. Thanks for helping me find a piece of myself.

Before joining FYD, the only other coach I tried had food plans and a Facebook group that were EXTREMELY triggering. 


Overall I was most impressed by her thorough responses, active listening skills, and authenticity that she brings to her practice. My current relationship with food is a reality I never thought could be attainable until I started working with Ellen. Her gentle guidance will carry you through the ups and downs that come with forming new habits and lifestyle changes. If you are ready to take the leap, I can assure that you’ll be in good hands. As apprehensive as it can be to work with a nutritionist or any health professional, I am grateful to have trusted Ellen to guide me to better health.

Ellen’s anti-diet and holistic approach to health gave me the space I needed to heal my relationship with food. 


I also had periods of binging and overeating because I would skip meals and wasn't truly eating to nourish and fuel (and wasn't eating enough and often enough to begin with!!). Everything is so consistent and stable now, and I feel so proud of this growth in my relationship with my body. It is an absolute non-negotiable that I'm consistently eating in a way to nourish. The trust, respect, honoring, and listening is at a depth that I've never experienced throughout my whole life. This has been life-changing, and I just want to let you know how grateful I am for you, this opportunity, and this program!!

Prior to your course, my relationship with food was always mind-led and super controlled versus what my body actually needed. 

kind words

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