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Does Low Calorie Mean Healthier?

In today’s diet-obsessed culture, the term “low calorie” is often equated with being healthier for no reason other than that we have been taught to eat as little as possible in order to have the smallest body that we can. However, this simplistic (and honestly, dangerous) view on food can be misleading and counterproductive, especially […]

Explore the health benefits of intuitive eating and how they differ from dieting.

So, you are thinking about starting a journey with Intuitive Eating! Maybe you have been dieting for a long time or you want to move away from fear-based thinking with food. Before we start talking about how you can start eating more intuitively, let’s go over what Intuitive Eating is and how it can drastically […]

ADHD Eating Behavior

As an Intuitive Eating Nutritionist, I work with clients who are looking to improve their relationship with food. I work with a wide variety of adults, including people who have ADHD. Many of my clients come in knowing that they have ADHD (some just have a hunch) and as we begin talking, we are able […]

Intuitive Eating Journal Prompts

As we gear up for a brand new year, it’s the perfect time to hit pause, take a breather, and reflect on the rollercoaster that was the past 365 days. If you’re someone who is ready to begin embracing your intuitive eating journey, then join me in this moment of self-reflection! Let’s dive into some […]

Clean Plate Club | Intuitive Eating

The Clean Plate Club If you are like many of the clients I work with in my Intuitive Eating nutrition practice, you were taught by your parents to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club:” a mentality that urges you to consume everything served to you as a sign of respect, thriftiness, or simply […]

Dive deeper with journal prompts to understand emotional eating As a nutritionist who’s passionate about helping individuals cultivate a healthy and balanced relationship with food, I want to dive into a topic that many of us can relate to—emotional eating. Emotional eating is a very stigmatized thing even though it’s incredibly common! Let’s explore emotional […]

Women sad eating a salad due to long-term dieting.

Today, I want to have a candid conversation about a topic that’s close to my heart as a licensed nutritionist specializing in helping women find food freedom and improve their body image: the pitfalls of long-term dieting. Read on to learn how prolonged restrictive dieting can have some serious downsides that might surprise you (both […]

Disordered eating dietitian in white coat holding avocado and walnuts

Are you on a mission to find a Disordered Eating Dietitian who can assist you with healing your relationship with food? Taking this step is a huge leap toward a healthier, happier you! Let’s dive into the process of finding the right nutrition professional for your unique needs (and yes, I’ll explain the difference between […]

There is a topic that comes up a lot with my clients (especially closer to the holidays!) and that is setting boundaries with family on food and body comments. Many people who struggle with their relationship with food were raised or surrounded by others who are also struggling. Even as we are working SO hard […]